Navigation and Telecommunication


UFH radios are the perfect way to contact the people in your convoy, other road users and possibly someone who can come to your aid. When you’re 4x4ing in the Australian outback, being able to contact the right people quickly and easily can determine your safety, so let our team make sure you and the people you’re travelling with are always in touch.


Finding the right radio and installing it properly is incredibly important when you’re out in the bush, however your antenna and where it’s placed on your vehicle can determine how well you are able to communicate. Our professional team can ensure that if you get stuck, help is only a phone call away.

Portable and in-dash navigation units

Quality 4x4 portable navigation and in-dash navigation units each come with their own benefits, such as difference in cost, hardware and accessibility. Our 4X4 experts can help you decide which unit is suited to you and your vehicle.

Reverse cameras

They’ve become more commonly used nowadays because they are the best and easiest way to see what’s around you, not only for getting in and out of a parking spot, but to keep you and others safe from collisions and accidents. Ask our team to recommend and install a quality reversing camera to your vehicle that will suit your 4x4 needs.

Navigation & Telecommunication Needs

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