Lighting and Electrical Modifications

Driving lights

Installed on the front of your vehicle, driving lights are stronger than fog lights and have a narrow beam to help you to see where you’re going at night or in extreme weather conditions. Ask our friendly team about the right driving light upgrades for your 4x4 needs.

HID lights

High intensity discharge lights are a different type of light to LED’s and fog lights that produce a higher light output and emit a blue tinge. These lights not only look great, but can be extremely useful in off road conditions. Get your 4x4 HID lights professionally fitted to your vehicle by our expert mechanical team.

LED light bars

LEDs have become incredibly popular over the years for good reason as well as lighting up everything in the immediate vicinity, the light is easy on the eyes, uses significantly less energy than other lights and emits less heat. Best used for low range driving or working, our expert team can help you decide if a light bar is right for you, then arrange easy installation at our workshop.

12 volt refrigeration

Choosing the right refrigeration is important and depends on a number of factors to ensure it suits you and your vehicle; ask us to find a unit that won’t take up too much space or pull too much power from your 4x4 vehicle. Whether it’s a compressor or an absorption cooling system, our expert 4x4 team can help you pick the right type and fit it for you in our workshop.

Anderson plugs

No matter where you’re travelling in Australia with your caravan, its important to have an uninterrupted power supply. Ask our expert 4x4 team about our fitted Anderson plugs and make sure you’re never left in the dark. They really do make using your car battery to power your mobile home easy!

Cigarette lighter sockets

While originally used to light your cancer sticks, the cigarette lighter socket is now an essential tool for powering your phone and other electronic devices. If you don’t have one in your 4x4 vehicle, our expert mechanical team can fit one so that you never have to go another day with only half a phone battery.

Electrical brake units / overhead

Electric brake controllers make sure the brakes on your caravan and 4x4 are working to optimum performance. Ensure you and your passengers are safe by getting our expert team to inspect and install your vehicle and caravan’s electrical brake units at our onsite workshop.

Dual and triple battery systems

A handy addition to your 4x4 adventures, especially if you want to run extra accessories, like a fridge or bright lighting, from your vehicle to campsite in style and comfort. Ask our friendly team to recommend the best system for your camping requirements.

Custom wiring, lighting and electrical

Custom lighting and electrical wiring will allow you to get the most out of your vehicle by customising it to your specifications. The upgrades our professional team members can provide for your vehicle will push your 4x4 capabilities to extremes!

Lighting & Electrical Modification Needs

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