Body Protection Modifications

Bull Bars

Bull bars protect your vehicle while you’re out on the tracks with a heavy duty bull bar from our quality range! Ask our 4x4 experts to demonstrate, recommend and fit it for you at our onsite workshop.

Rear Bars

Rear bars make your 4x4 last longer and avoid costly damage from rearenders (or when you accidentally back into an obstacle!) with our fantastic range of rear bars. We’ve got something to suit every vehicle and our rear bars can be fitted onsite quickly and easily by our 4x4 expert mechanics.

Side Steps

Side steps with an expert mechanical team to install them, the addition of side steps makes it easier for your passengers (from your old mum to young kids) to get in and out of your vehicle. Our 4x4 side steps can reduce the risk of accidents, making your vehicle safer for everyone.

Brush Bars

Brush bars help your headlights shine for longer and keep the front of your car looking great with our range of brush bars. Brush bars protect your vehicle from oncoming traffic, rocks, dirt and dust, and are quick and easy for our team to install on your 4x4.

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders protect the underside of your vehicle when driving the extreme and rocky tracks of the Australian bush or outback. For those who are really going to rough it, rock sliders installed by our expert 4x4 team are the best way to avoid yourself from costly damage.

Under body protection

Under body protection for all purpose protection for the underside of your vehicle when off-roading in the toughest of places, underbody protection plates are the layer of armour you need. Our team can help you decide what’s the best fit for your vehicle and install them in our onsite workshop.

All Your Body Protection Needs

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