4X4 Accessories, Modifications and Fitting

Complete vehicle fit outs

Our expert team specialises in customising your vehicle to utilise space and meet your 4x4 specifications. We’ll ask you about the types of terrain your regularly encounter and how a complete fit out can help you to maintain and maximise your vehicle’s condition.


If you’re crossing a few water courses on your 4x4 adventures, a snorkel installed onto your vehicle will provide a higher air intake, resulting in less dirt and water entering your engine (and potentially damaging it!). A snorkel can be installed by our professional team or we can speak to you about other ways to ensure your engine stays clear of water and other interferences.


Lightweight, strong and built to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, canopies are a great way to extend your space and comfort when travelling on your next off road trip. Speak to our experienced team today about which canopies are best for your 4x4 requirements.

Air bags

Functioning air bags are essential to keeping you and your passengers safe in any vehicle, but particularly important if you’re covering some rough 4x4 tracks. If they’re not already fitted, or need replacing, our team will provide the best quality airbags and install them in your vehicle to make sure you never have to worry about your safety or that of the people travelling with you.


They’ve recovered thousands of 4x4 drivers all over Australia and are essential when driving through tough and wet terrain, plus they’re a lot of fun to use when you’re out getting mad and muddy! Make sure you never get stuck, get your vehicle outfitted with a winch for any situation by our professional team.

Long range fuel tanks

Designed to travel further between fuel stops, a long range fuel tank utilises maximum fuel capacity and can withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. Our team can install a long range fuel tank in your vehicle in our onsite workshop today!

Roof consoles

The installation of a roof console means that your lighting and communications systems and many other things are just an arms length away. Practical, attractive and partly customisable, our team can help you choose the best roof console features for your comfort and ease.

Drawer systems

Maximise space and usability in your vehicle! Drawers are a great way to ensure you can bring everything you need for your 4x4 trip, while making sure it’s all packed away safely and neatly. Travel in comfort and with plenty of cabin space. Just ask our experienced team to recommend and fit the right drawer system for you.


Easy to set up and designed for harsh Aussie weather and environmental conditions, awnings shield and protect you and your vehicle and provide extra living or sleeping space. Let our team of experts help you find the right awning for you and your 4x4 adventure needs.

Rear wheel carriers

Keeping your spare wheel outside your 4x4 vehicle cabin will not only give you more space to move around, but will also ensure that you never get left in the dust with a punctured tyre! Ask our friendly team about rear wheel carriers, customised to your 4x4 make and model.

Roof racks and storage

We all know that a lot of equipment is needed for a real 4x4 adventure! The best way to pack up all your gear is to use a roof rack to maximise cabin space and minimise the risk of stuff flying around inside your 4x4 when you hit the big ruts. Ask our 4x4 experts to help you find the right fit for your vehicle and arrange installation for your ease and comfort.

ECU chips and tuning technologies

Ever wondered how you can achieve superior 4x4 performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions or better fuel efficiency? Well, an ECU chip tuning can help you get the most out of your vehicle and off road adventure. Ask our experienced team for advice on how you can upgrade your vehicle so it goes further and better than before.

All suspension & lift kits

Getting over some of the obstacles on your 4x4 adventure is easy with a suspension or lift kit. Not only will it counteract the heavy gear you have on your roof rack or drawer system, it’ll give you the confidence to really attack those difficult tracks. Ask our professional team about lifting the height of your vehicle quickly and easily.

4X4 Accessories, Modifications & Fitting Needs

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